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Could Australia Be The Next Country To Ban TikTok?

TikTok – owned by China’s ByteDance – is set to be reviewed under the Senate’s Foreign Interference through Social Media inquiry, which could see the popular music video app banned in Australia.

“Part of the job of this committee is to get all of those stakeholders in the room and create a forum where we can have a really good discussion about what are the boundaries, about what is and isn’t acceptable on these types of matters,” Committee Chair Senator Jenny McAllister told the Herald Sun. “I think Australians will expect to hear from them.”

The committee is set to present its final report on or before the second sitting day of May 2022.

Already, the Australian Defence Force has banned the TikTok app from being downloaded on any of their devices. The

One federal MP told the Herald Sun that TikTok posed a more significant threat to the national security of Australia than China’s messaging service WeChat.

Last week India banned 59 Chinese apps, including both WeChat and TikTok, citing potential threat to India’s national security.

As of May 2020, TikTok was the top grossing app in the photo and video category, according to Sensor Tower, with more than $95.6 million in user spending.

The app’s usage surged during COVID-19 lockdowns, surpassing 2 billion app downloads in April 2020. However, India’s ban will be a significant blow for the app – as of April India accounted for 30.3% of TikTok’s total downloads.

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