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Zeller Fires New Salvo As Payments War Heats

The former executive behind fintech Square’s Australian operations has launched his own contender for dominance of the space.

CEO and co-founder Ben Pfisterer helped launch Square’s operations in Australia and is turning his hand to the market, launching fintech competitor Zeller.

Melbourne-based Zeller is rolling out its payment terminals across Australia with the launch via 167 Officeworks stores across the country.

By offering the terminals in stores, Zeller hopes to offer businesses a ready-to-go option with a linked transaction without the drama small business entrants face.

Pfisterer said that, although Zeller is targeting the big banks, it is a cheaper alternative than Square.

“Our costs are 1.4 per cent, that’s a rate that’s available for anyone. Square is 1.9 per cent,” he said.

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