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‘Your Phones May Not Work’: Huawei Exec Warns Aust.

SYDNEY: Chinese networking giant Huawei has warned that Australian telecommunications could be severely impacted by the latest US technology bans on the company.

The Trump Administration has moved to curb Huawei’s access to global chip supplies amid reports that the world’s biggest contract semiconductor maker, TSMC, has already halted supplies to the company.

According to Huawei Australia’s chief technology officer David Soldani, there is a growing risk of a return to competing mobile technology standards between the US and China, which could create a major divide in global communications.

With the US restricted in dealing with Huawei on communication standards, Soldani says that in future Australian phones may not work when trying to be used overseas, because they may be using a different technology. 

Some visitors to Australia would face similar problems. Soldani said Huawei had been playing a major role in setting standards, but if the US develops a separate system it could impact more than three billion people worldwide, including Australians.

He argues that with Australia located in the Asia-Pacific region and seeking to be a bridge between its own region and the US and Europe, a return to the bad old days of competing mobile technology standards would be extremely negative. 

Recent events place those standards in greater jeopardy than ever before and Australians should do whatever they can to protect them, he said. – Chris Castellari

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