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You Can Now Get TV Guide Suggestions From Google Assistant

A few new features have been added to Google Assistant making it more personal by setting alarms to music and telling you about the local TV guide.

To set an alarm with customised music all you have to do is ask Google, “Hey Google, set an alarm for 5am that plays Lady Gaga Poker Face”. You can also set it to a playlist or radio station.

For finding a television show or asking what time a show start just say, “Hey Google, what channel airs The Flash” or “Hey Google, when does The Flash air next.”

Users can set a reminder so you never miss the show, ‘Hey Google, remind me to watch Riverdale every Wednesday at 8 PM.” And when it’s time to tune in, with voice casting and YouTube TV, just say “Hey Google, watch Riverdale”.

Google has recently launched voice match where the Google Assistant will recognise a users voice and tailor the information based on the person speaking. For example, you could ask it “what my schedule looks like today?” or “How does my commute look?”


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