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You Beaut! Alexa Now Understands Aussie Lingo

Amazon has given its voice assistant Alexa a crash course in Aussie lingo, with the results being that it can now understand over 100 true blue Aussie phrases, from “flick on the lights” to “play an absolute banger”.

Amazon has also shared some research that suggests our “unique vernacular” is amongst the top things that make us proud to be Aussie, with ‘yeah’ and ‘nah’, ‘mozzie’ and ‘barbie’ being our favourite slang terms.

Alexa-enabled devices like Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart screens, and Fire TV devices will now respond to seeming gibberish like “Alexa, day for it!” and “set the alarm for sparrow’s fart”.

Amazon has also tapped the very Australian Sophie Monk for a humorous series of commercials showcasing the many uses of the feature.


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