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SanDisk Captures 50% Market Share New SD Products Driving Growth

SanDisk Captures 50% Market Share New SD Products Driving Growth

According to Saad the OEM house brand products do not have the same controllers or the same quality as the premium SanDisk branded cards. 

Last night SanDisk has announced the world’s largest capacity microSD memory card. Smaller than a typical human fingernail, this new card is packed with 128GB of storage which is enough to hold 16 hours of full HD video, 7,500 songs, 3,200 pictures and more than 125 apps, all on a single card.

MicroSD cards first hit the scene in 2004 out of a necessity to deliver mobile storage to various digital gadgets like digital cameras. Early cards boasted an incredible (at the time) 128MB of storage but since then, microSD card storage capacity has increased 1,000 times over.

“SanDisk’s high-performance 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC memory card will reshape the way users interact with their devices,” said George Saaad “Until now, consumers had to spread out their content between multiple products because the memory on those devices was not able to hold enough data in one place. This 128GB microSD card is going to be popular as the preferred removable storage option, giving users fast, secure and reliable access to their personal data archives.”

Last week the Company launched a new USB stick that delivers speeds of to 240 megabytes per second (MBps) when writing data from a USB 3.0-capable system running Windows 8.1 (though also compatible with Mac). It will be able to read data at 260MBps.

The drive is fractionally larger than a traditional USB stick which have been shrinking in size recently.

It has spring-loaded mechanism that extends and retracts the head, the cost is $300.

Saad, said that the Extreme Pro USB 3.0 drive “offers world-class performance for technology aficionados who demand high-speed, durability and a peace of mind their files will be safe”.

The device comes SanDisk’s SecureAccess software, which provides 128-bit AES file encryption. 

SanDisk has also released a neat dual-head drive that allows users to dump content from a smartphone in seconds.


The device has two heads on it, one which can plug into your base storage device and another end that has a Micro-USB head, which can be plugged in to smartphone.

Saad said the Ultra Dual USB Drive “provides a simple and convenient way to offload and backup files from smartphones and tablets” and that the new drive integrates SanDisk’s Memory Zone app, which can help users manage and free up space on their device.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive will be available in 16GB for $50, but SanDisk said it expects most users, especially those who use a phone without a microSD expansion slot, to be interested in the 64GB capacity, which will cost $100.