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It Flips! Sony VAIO Fit Hits OZ

It Flips! Sony VAIO Fit Hits OZSony VAIO Fit 13/15 multi flip tablet, notebook 2 in 1 has just hit OZ for $1,499. 

The flip tablet-notebook VAIO Fit 13/15 with a revolutionary new hinge, which turns the notebook into a tablet or visa versa. The display can be flipped over to share a video, image or presentation with another viewer via viewer mode

The funky looking Vaio Fit is available in pink or silver and starts at $1,499 for the Ci5 model, which comes with 4GB RAM and a 750GB HDD. There are five models – the highest spec Fit 13 has 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, running Windows 8 Pro for $2499, but won’t be available ’til later this month. 

All Sony’s new Vaio Fits (in 13.3″ or 15.5″ displays) have Intel Core i5/ i7 processors and Full HD 1920×1080 screens, running either Windows 8/ 8 Pro, built in speakers and Intel HD graphics.

It is also good for working as a notebook, comes with a full pitch keyboard, touch pad and palm rest. Like the Samsung Note, you can write on the screen with a digitiser stylus. Fit’s thin chassis is constructed with an aluminium hairline finish. 

“We believe the VAIO Fit multi-flip PC delivers one of Sony’s biggest form-factor innovations and sets a new standard for multiple-function devices” said Jun Yoon, Marketing Manager, Network Entertainment for Sony Australia. 

“Feedback within the industry since the VAIO Fit multi-flip PC was first announced at IFA is that this is the best multi-function device they have ever seen,” Mr Yoon continued. Sony VAIO Pro 13 has been Australia’s best-selling ultrabook since launch.
VAIO Fit 13 is available now at retailers, Sony Centres, Kiosks or Sony online, and Fit 15 will be available from mid-December.