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“A Boom Year For Etailers”

"A Boom Year For Etailers"But despite the internet boom, bricks and mortar is far from dead, he adds. 

“The signs are good for brick and mortar stores,” he says referring to a recent trip to a shopping centre where retail trading was alive and kicking. 
Consumer sentiment is up and there’s active shopping behaviour at the moment and “very active sale behaviour”. Shoppers are keen to spend, but are looking for “spectacular deals”.

Now, more than ever, retailers are offering special deals, including online promos, he believes. 

This week, Arnott launched the Click Mania deals site that will be live all year round.  
Online shoppers are making purchases now as they want items to be delivered pre-Christmas, but there will always be a last minute rush to brick and mortar stores to grab gifts, says Arnott. 
This Sunday looks set to be the biggest day for online retail in Australia, according to eBay.