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Yamaha Launches Cracker Range Of Headphones

Japanese sound brand Yamaha, which just happens to be the biggest maker of musical instruments, has jumped into the headphone market with four new models.

Range and pricing in Australia are as follows, the headphones are available at JB Hi Fi.

TW-E3 (True Wireless earbuds): $179 RRP
YH-E500 (On-ear headphones): $229 RRP
YH-E700 (Over-ear Headphones): $499 RRP
YH-L700 (Over-ear Premium Headphones): $699 RRP

I have just spent a week listening to content with the YHL700 premium headphones and they are among the best premium headphones we have listened to music through this year.

Globally their are eight new models in the Yamaha offering ranging from true wireless earbuds to active noise-cancelling, over-ear headphones.

The top end of this new range of headphones is the $699 YH-E700, that feature Advanced ANC, which Yamaha says “analyses and removes background noise” while maintaining the music signal heading to your headphones.

Also built in is listening Optimizer technology and an Ambient Sound feature.

When you first look at these headphones you tend to think ‘God they are big’ but when you have them on that perception disappears as the music coming out of these cans are excellent.

One thing that you will notice is that it’s hard to have good active noise cancellation without a solid accompanying ambient sound feature which is what Yamaha has delivered.

Within seconds I was able link the Bluetooth 5 technology to my smartphone and I am already into 30 hours of use without needing to charge these headphones.

Also built in is voice assistant compatibility and inside the carrying case, a USB-C charging cable, audio cable, and flight adapter.

, and will be available in either black or white in December 2020.

The E700 $499 ear from Yamaha feature the same technologies found in the YH-E700A headphones, including the Listening Optimizer, Advanced ANC, Ambient Sound, and Listening Care. They’ll also have Bluetooth 5.0 and voice assistant compatibility just like their headphone counterparts, though they’ll have up to 18 hours of battery life instead of the headphones’ 35 hours.

The E70 earphones have a soft carrying case to travel with, a USB-C charging cable, a USB-C-to3.5mm audio cable, a flight adapter, and five different sizes of ear tips.

We will do a full review in the new year.

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