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Xbox One X Games Don’t Need A 4K TV, ‘Enhanced’ For 1080p TV

The Xbox One X console has put a lot of emphasis on 4K and HDR gaming, however, noting that many consumers haven’t upgraded to the high-tech TVs just yet, Microsoft has informed consumers games can run exceptionally better (than the former console offered) on a 1080p screen.

Microsoft has developed a Xbox One X Enhanced program, meaning games featuring the ‘Enhanced’ tag have been specifically optimised for the new console, and will run significantly better via the Xbox One X console when played on both a 4K TV and a 1080p TV.

The company has allowed developers to employ supersampling to confirm games will also appear much better on a 1080p TV.

‘Supersampling’ scales down 4K image quality to a 1080p TV screen, ensuring users get appearance benefits such as; improved image quality, texture improvements and faster frame rates.

Supersampled images on a 1080p screen are said to be significantly better than what the Xbox One S currently provides.

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