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World’s Biggest 110 Inch UHD TV Unveiled At CES 2013


The company revealed the news in an email to participants, according to a report from the Australian.

“Westinghouse has some surprises!!! The world’s largest 4K (UHD) LED at 110 inches,” the email said.

At 110 inches, the Westinghouse UHD TV will be 26 inches larger than the current flagships from Sony and LG. It will be the world’s largest UHD television when it is launched.

Ultra High Definition (UHD) is four times clearer than the current benchmark, Full HD. A resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 produces 8.29 million pixels on one single screen. In comparison, Full HD televisions have 2 million pixels.

Unfortunately the new format is crippled by a lack of content and delivery infrastructure. Current UHD movies range from 400GB to 600GB in size, come on a hard-drive and cost between $99 and $299 each. Additionally UHD players remain a notion of the future, forcing companies to play content on ‘specially developed PCs’ for in store demos.


LG’s 84 inch UHD TV alongside a common 42 inch TV

Apart from its existence, details on the Westinghouse TV remain sparse, including its price. Currently LG’s UHD TV has a $17,999 price tag. But at $24,999, Sony’s UHD TV makes LG’s look cheap.

Westinghouse sells TV in the US under its Westinghouse Digital brand.