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Skype Fights FaceTime On iPad 2

Skype Fights FaceTime On iPad 2 Widespread speculation has put two cameras on the iPad 2, and Skype are banking on the potential new addition for its competitor to Apple FaceTime.

Senior Product Manager for iOS devices, Heather LeRoy told TechRadar that “if iPad 2 has cameras, then you bet we are going to be very interested in supporting video, because that is a company priority for us,”

Skype already offer their VoIP service for the iPhone, but the original iPad’s lack of camera support has restricted Skype’s potential on the platform. With the exposure of Skype’s group video calling features and acquisition of mobile video sharing specialist Qik at CES 2011, the company looks set to expand its horizons.

According to LeRoy, Skype has no insider knowledge of Apple’s upcoming Tablet, so the company is setting up support in hope rather than on any “concrete information.”

Skype announced version 3.0 of its iOS app at the end of last year that supported video conference for iPhones and the iPod Touch. The upgrade enable Skype client to client calls over WiFi and 3G networks, as well as video receiving support for iPads.

If the iPad 2 comes out with cameras, Skype will offer full support for it.