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Conroy: Oz Loves NBN & Scrambling To Get Connected

In fact, recent calls by Coalition Member for Brisbane, Teresa Gambaro, that the broadband network should have been rolled out in her area “is proof that the people of Australia support the Gillard Government’s world class NBN,” Minister for Broadband, Senator Stephen Conroy, said today. 

The increasingly political weapon-of-choice that is the $36 billion fibre optic network, recent rolled out in two rural locations in NSW, is no stranger to controversy, having been deeply opposed by the Coalition, and Liberal party leader’s present and past, Tony Abbott, and Malcolm Turnbull in particular, who says the project is too costly, will inflate prices and turn into a monopoly. 

Now, Conroy is looking to have the last laugh, claiming opposition MP’s are “breaking ranks” with its leaders and the party line. 

“Grassroots Coalition MPs know their constituents are all desperate to have the super fast broadband being offered by the Gillard Government’s world class National Broadband Network,” Conroy said.

“That’s why Ms Gambaro has broken ranks with Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull, who have pledged to demolish the NBN,” saying her electorate “are clamouring to have it.”

Despite previous low uptake in Tasmania, the first location to be privvy to NBN broadband, Conroy said last month “almost 80 per cent” of Kiama residents in NSW, the most recently connected site in Australia, have signed up for a free internet connection with speeds of “up to” 100Mbps.  

“It is high time other Coalition backbenchers stood up to the backward broadband policies being touted by Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull and let them know the true feelings of their constituents who support the NBN,” he added. 

“The Australian public is tired of the substandard internet they have now and do not want the second rate broadband services Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull would force on them.”

And to reassure Queenslanders, the NBN Co hasn’t forgotton them, Conroy said Ascot in Brisbane was nominated as a preferred second release site 12 months ago, but NBN Co found the location was not suitable due to lack of exchange infrastructure.

The second release rollout sites hitting more than 50,000 premises currently undergoing development include: Armidale NSW, Kiama township & Jamberoo NSW, Riverstone NSW, Aspley QLD, Townsville QLD, Toowoomba Qld, Coffs Harbour, Gungahlin ACT and Goodna/Springfield Lakes.