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Hidden Sound With Boston Acoustics

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Boston Acoustics HSi 430

The speakers feature a reduced visible bezel and magnetic grilles and claims to provide rich sound without compromising their décor.

The Boston Acoustics HSi 430 features a round bezel and the HSi 435 a square bezel. The reduced bezel size on both models allows for ‘invisible’ installation in the ceiling. Both models are 2-way configurations with 3½-inch woofers and ¾-inch tweeters and has a metal back enclosure with front-firing ports for extended bass response.

It also features a switchable highpass filter which removes bass frequencies below 180Hz. When using the speakers without a subwoofer, the highpass filter may be switched off for optimum performance.

However, if the speakers are being used full-range in high sound level applications, the highpass filter helps protect the speaker. For use with a dedicated subwoofer in the installation, the highpass filter may be switched on for optimum performance. Constant voltage (CV) versions of the new HSi 3½-inch speakers will also be available for commercial installations.

The new HSi 430 and HSi 435 loudspeakers are designed for use either in simple pairs for stereo use or in multi-speaker configurations for larger areas. Their “metal can” backs make them ideal for ceiling installations, with a variety of easy install features for existing ceilings. Both models feature the company’s reduced bezel design with grilles that magnetically attach to their baffles.

Featuring dual 6-inch woofers, the HSi S6W2 In-Ceiling subwoofer (frequency response 50-180Hz) is aimed at consumers who want an invisible in-ceiling audio installation. The HSi S6W2 ships with both a round and a square bezel and grille, has a built-in crossover that allows for the same stereo amplification as the main speakers, and an integrated output terminals that allows for wiring of either one or two pairs of full-range in ceiling speakers.

A bandpass enclosure delivers the high output bass necessary for optimum room-filling sound, and a flexible port tube allows for easy installation.

Pricing are as follows:

  • HSi 430 3½-inch In-Ceiling Speaker (Round Bezel): $699.00 pair
  • HSi 435 3½-inch In-Ceiling Speaker (Square Bezel): $699.00 pair (Available December 2009)
  • HSi S6W2 In-Ceiling Subwoofer: $699.00 each (Available December 2009)