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KEF Bring Plug & Play HiFi To Computers

The Need for Computer HiFi

In the good ol’ days a corner of your house was probably hogged by a sound system. It consisted of several dusty components lashed together by tangled wiring and it completely robbed the room of good looks.

Now similar technology exists inside your laptop, but despite computers getting smarter and their screens getting clearer, their sound really hasn’t progressed much.

We’ve now reached KEF’s motivations for wanting to Hi-Fi your computer.

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They’ve introduced the X300A: a pair of high-fidelity plug and play speakers designed for use with a computer. Connecting them to your computer is as easy as plugging in a USB port. Apart from turning on the power, that’s it.

This simplicity is part of the X300A’s brilliance because harboured within these restraint speakers are some of the best technologies KEF has developed in its illustrious 50 years, and making sophisticated technology simple is no easy job.

Sounds Faithful

Computers, smartphones and MP3 players aren’t designed to produce high-fidelity audio. A set of headphones might conceal this truth, but if you connect a pair of monitors to one of these devices, their lacklustre quality will shine right through. In an effort to Hi-Fi these technologies, KEF has equipped their X300A with its own high-quality DAC and a series of other high-fidelity technologies.

The X300As connect to smartphones and mp3 players with a 3.5mm auxiliary.

The DAC eliminates the signal jitter caused by your computer and smartphone, while twin class AB amplifiers are used to deliver high-fidelity audio. Each speaker has its own twin amplifier—one dedicated to high frequencies and another catering to mid and low frequencies. They’re joined by high performance toroidal transformers to minimise perverting hum noise and electro-magnetic interference.

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Sound is played back faithfully as, by using a 96KHz/24-bit input with digital connection between the speakers, every single byte of information is retained without loss or distortion.

The Art of Deception

This frenzy of audio wizardry is concealed in an inviting body. The X300As are just 28cm short, are uniformly masked in black and are distinguished by a silver Uni-Q driver nestling in the middle.

The Uni Q driver is featured in KEF’s premium Blade speaker.

Although understated, premium materials work with quality craftsmanship to produce a set of speakers you will invariably be drawn to.

At the back of these speakers is a three way switchable equaliser. The three modes help tailor the sound no matter where you place the speaker, whether it’s against a desk, a wall or in free space.

KEF’s X300A will be available in Australia shortly for $1,399.