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REVEALED: Samsung Robot Vacuum Is Magic

No, its not something out of the Jetsons, NaviBot S is Samsung’s new robotic vacuum which will whizz around the room sucking up all the dirt in sight.

Samsung launched its the “visionary” NaviBot S, last night in Sydney’s Opera House, a magic 80mm vacuum that is completely hands-free.

And the best thing is you don’t have to lift a finger, and no sore arms either – all you have to do is program when you want your cleaning done and away it goes.

The extremely clever vacuum has a ‘visionary mapping plus’ system and a camera which basically maps out every room and is able to clean every nook and cranny – even venture into pesky areas like under the bed.

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The visionary mapping captures images at 15 frames per second with the onboard camera, and plots what it determines to be the most efficient cleaning route, so no time wasting.

The device was demoed by Samsung execs and it was truly fascinating to see the robotic device at work, which can be programmed to clean at certain times of the day or night and is extremely quiet so “you won’t even know its there.”

And it contains 12 sensors that make it highly sensitive to fragile or other potentially damageable objects in the room, meaning it won’t bash and break your best ornaments or scratch furniture, for that matter.

The Samsung execs even spilt some food on the carpet to show how the NaviBot just automatically whizzes over to the soiled area and cleans the lot, without hassle.

When completed, the robot just scuttles back into its recharge dock, which was one of the most truly amazing aspects of the device, in my view.

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It also has other intelligent tools like the new Auto Dust Emptying, available on the Navibot S SR8980, which will empty its dust container into a central bin at the charge base and get ready to clean again all on its own.

However, it’ll cost you more for this tool – $1,299 – to be precise, while the SR8950 is going for slightly less at $1,099.

The Samsung smart cleaner has the ability to memorise its cleaning path, keeping track of where it has cleaned, and what is still left to finish off, thanks to the Ncognitive mapping technology and two CPU control chips, which are essentially the brains behind the cleaning operation.

It has seven cleaning modes and HEPA high-grade filtration provides a variety of options that suit user needs. The smart vacuum has two brushes at both side of the device, a sweeping blade and power brush for efficient cleaning over a wide area, allowing access to tight spots, like between chair legs.

However, it still won’t clean the cumbersome stairs.

When cleaning is completed, it needs to be charged for just three hours and is great for high-traffic or larger cleaning areas, say its makers.

And it can move between rooms that need to be cleaned only, thanks to its Virtual Guard.

“The robot vacuum is one of the most innovative products for the Samsung Home Appliance category,” said Mike Lilly, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung Australia.

According to the latest Samsung Research, Aussies value product features that make technology hassle free.

But who will fork out over $1000 for a hoover?

Young, busy execs, particularly males are a massive market for this device – and automated vacuums are growing, Samsung execs told SmartHouse last night, as are bagless devices, while other traditional categories are in decline.

And James Magnussen, world champion swimmer (and Samsung’s brand ambassador) even has one saying: “Having recently bought my own apartment and being constantly on the go with training – cleaning is the last thing on the mind!

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“I love that the NaviBot S self-charges, it is easy-to-use and zips around my place without me having to worry, and takes the chore out of cleaning.”