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‘PowerON’: Optus Revs Up Cloud

‘PowerON’: Optus Revs Up Cloud

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Renamed as ‘PowerON Compute,’ the Singapore owned telco is to launch regional cloud services with parent company SingTel.

Optus Business announced several new features for its enterprise cloud suite today, including cloud consulting services, storage solutions, pricing and access options including ‘bursting’, as it seeks to gain further clout in enterprise and government cloud computing market.

However, these new additions won’t be launched until in the second half of this year.

Launched in 2010, Optus PowerON Compute (formerly Elevate) virtual private data centre is used by corporations and governments including Savills and RDNS, to support multiple applications in the cloud.

PowerON offers virtual computing and storage capacity and users manage this using a self-service online portal, with data housed in Optus ISO 27001-certified data centre facilities.

A massive 87% of organisations expect to be using some sort of cloud computing service within the next three to five years, according to Optus Future of Business Report, announced today.

And the telco is now offering pay-as-you-consume and ‘burstable’ pricing models in addition to a fixed price per compute ‘slice’ and storage per GB and will provide more options to access the Optus Cloud in addition to a private Evolve IP network connection.

However, Optus were scant on detail for new enterprise cloud storage service, saying it will announce more closer to launch.

Leveraging its position in SingTel Group ICT, Optus Business will offer customers a ‘Cloud Readiness Assessment’ to help organisations assess their readiness to move applications into the cloud.

The cloud consulting service includes buiding business strategy, evaluating the most suitable applications for the cloud and existing security and governance policies.

Optus and SingTel already share a common cloud technology platform and the new service will enable customers with regional operations to access virtual capacity across multiple clouds, and manage resources from a single portal.

Optus Business division is now part of SingTel Group ICT, following restructure earlier this year.

“This is the next step in our regional cloud roadmap now that Optus Business is part of SingTel Group ICT,” said John Paitaridis, Managing Director, Optus Business.

“Customers can look forward to a seamless regional cloud offering that will make it easier to manage their cloud resources- that’s one contract, one bill and one management portal, with access to multiple clouds across the region.” 

Optus cloud enterprise customers will also have a choice of on-premise and off-premise private cloud solutions.

Launched in May, ‘Your IT as a Service’ is a private cloud solution that hosts data on a customer’s premise.

 It enables customers to virtualise and ‘automate’ their IT architecture as a service, making it easier to deploy and manage IT  services.

Optus is the only cloud solutions provider in Australia to achieve accreditation under the VMware vCloud Datacenter services program last year, alongside SingTel.