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In Pictures: Sony, LG Ultrabooks, Tabs + Intel 4 Gen

Sony new Vaio’s

Sony Vaio Duo 11

Sony thinnest Ultra’s flanked by its new 4K TV

LG, a new entrant to the PC market, also had its impressive and super-slick convertible TabBook on show, which will be sold exclusively at Harvey Norman, with a choice of Intel Core i5, which promises to be “faster, thinnner” RRP $1499 or else Intel Atom processor, (RRP $999) available in September. 

LG spokesperson told CN there’s been a lot of interest from consumers in previously unseen computers, as brand power is already strong in the TV space. 

Intel’s 4th generation processor Ultrabooks, convertible tablet-notebooks from ODM’s including Sony, Acer, Asus, Dell and even newcomer LG, with its thinner sleeker devices, are all to hit the Aussie market in weeks to come. 

Intel 4th generation processors, known as ‘Haswell’,  promise 50% better battery life than 3rd gen Ivy Bridge,  “eye-popping” graphics on a slew of PCs, 2-in-1s, tablets, portable all-in-ones and business PCs with Intel vPro.
“Demand for personal computing products is really strong…the problem is the mix of form factors is changing,” said Greg Bryant, Intel VP General Manager Asia Pacific.
“Traditional computing devices like desktops and notebooks are becoming more personal, more mobile, more productive.” 
“Smartphones and tablets are getting smarter…becoming more like computing devices.”
“You can have great battery life and high performance.. you can have both.”