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Compatibility and Versatility For Hi Fidelity.

Compatibility and Versatility For Hi Fidelity.

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The latest AV receiver model from the Japanese
manufacturer, the Yamaha RX-V675, sees the company refining their take on highly
compatible and versatile 7.2-channel network devices that offer consumers the
best from the brand’s audio-pedigree. The latest model reflects a change in our
musical habits, in particular the way that we integrate music into our lives.

The RX-V675 carries on from last year’s award winning
RX-V673 and now comes with full integration of Pandora internet radio. Pandora
provides a personalised music streaming service so you can create your own radio
stations and sync across multiple 
devices, including computers and smartphones, making it easy to listen to
your favourite artists
or discover new music straight
from the comfort of your lounge, thanks to the system’s direct log in
capability. This will save you on browsing time when you’re trying to find new

Tech-forward users looking to integrate their Hi Fi
system with their smartphone or tablet will be glad to hear that the system has
sophisticated mobile high definition features. These features allow you to
access HD content directly from compatible devices such as Android smartphones
and tablets via the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). The system has a
MHL-capable HDMI port on the front which provides the same convenience previously
enjoyed by Apple users, but instead now with the added advantage of carrying a Full
video signal.

Utilising a wireless home network, Yamaha’s intuitive AV Controller app provides seamless control the receiver’s functions including streaming of music from network sources (able to now stream high-resolution 192 kHz/24-bit FLAC and WAV files) as well as directly from the device itself via AirPlay or Yamaha’s cross-platform Music Play feature.

But when you purchase the Yamaha RX-V675, you’re not just
investing in one device; you’re investing in the brand’s vast catalogue of
advanced technologies for the home. The RX-V675 borrows technology from Yamaha’s
sound bar range and can be configured to create surround sound effects without
the need for side and rear speakers. It employs new Virtual CINEMA DSP
technology achieving 7 channel surround sound from only the front main
speakers. This creates stunning sounds around and behind the audience in
circumstances where surround speakers are not utilised.

The RX-V675 also supports Ultra HD and the ability to
upscale standard and Full HD content, network functionality and app control for
iOS and Android phones and tablets, Intelligent Amplifier Assignment for auto
re-routing of channels depending on the receiver’s use, and Zone 2 enabling two
independent audio sources to be enjoyed in different areas of the home.

A streamlined integration into any existing entertainment
set up or Hi Fi system is made easy by Yamaha’s advanced YPAO (Yamaha
Parametric room Acoustic Optimiser) auto calibration system, which offers
Reflected Sound Control (RSC) to negate early reflections from hard surfaces
which may hinder sound quality, for example, walls or coffee tables in close

The system has 7 channels with two subwoofer outputs,
discrete amplifier configuration and 192 kHz/24-bit Burr-Brown DACs for
superior audio performance. The RX-V675 is rated at 7 x 90W (8 ?, 20 Hz – 20
kHz, 0.09% THD).

The Yamaha RX-V675 AV Receiver is available at
RRP $1,099 and comes in a new Titanium finish in addition to the standard black.
The RX-V675 is also available in the YHT 599AU home theatre package with
satellite speakers ($1,499 RRP) or the YHT-999AU home theatre package with
full-size main speakers ($2,999 RRP).