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Will Toshiba Survive A Portege Notebook Purchase?

Desperate to stay afloat, Toshiba is today offering stock holdings and real estate as collateral to lenders while at the same time still trying to convince Australians to buy one of their notebooks.

While the Tokyo-based company was meeting with banks on Wednesday afternoon in an effort to raise capital the local subsidiary was flogging the benefits of a Toshiba Portégé two-in-one convertible PC. What is not known is whether Toshiba will be around to support the device in six months time.

The Portégé X20 sports a 12.5-inch diagonal Full HD multi-touch display, runs Windows 10 Pro and promises to act as both a laptop and tablet.

The new gadget “eliminates the need to choose between a laptop, a tablet or even a notepad,” said Tosh’s product marketing manager Justin White.

White has not said whether the local subsidary will stay in the PC market or whether they could become a victim of the parent Companies collapse.

He did claim “The Portégé X20 epitomises what the future of mobile computing will look like for the foreseeable future.”

A 360-degree dual-action hinge is said to enable smooth transitions into five core viewing modes-laptop, tablet, tabletop, presentation and “audience”.

An extra feature is “TruPen” software which uses Wacom “Feel” technology to deliver digital handwriting, enhanced by an antiglare coating.

Toshiba’s TruPen is said to detect 2048 levels of pressure, making the Portégé X20 perfect for taking notes, drawing, capturing signatures and completing forms, Tosh says.

The Portégé X20 is available immediately for purchase direct from Toshiba or through resellers. Pricing starts at a recommended A$2145.

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