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Will The iPhone X Be Cheaper In Oz?

While Australia is typically seen as one of the most expensive countries to buy Apple products, this may not necessarily be the case for the iPhone X.

At first glance, the $1,579 (64GB) and $1,829 (256GB) price tags are significantly higher than the US prices, which are around $1,248 and $1,435 based on current exchange rates.

However, an analysis by Finder’s Alex Kidman¬†showed that the iPhone X is actually cheaper in Australia in comparison to many other countries.

Based on the price of the iPhone X 256GB model shown on each country’s Apple store, Australia is ranked seventh cheapest, behind the US, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland.

The iPhone X 256GB will be more expensive in the UK, New Zealand and over a dozen European countries based on today’s exchange rate.

Denmark and Sweden will be the most expensive countries to buy the iPhone at around $2,050.

Kidman noted that for many of the prices advertised, including the US, sales tax is not factored in. This could see the gap between Australia and other cheaper countries narrow.

Shifts in exchange rate could also see Australia become cheaper.

The full analysis is available here.

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