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Which Samsung Devices Won’t Get Android 10, Full List Of Updated Devices

Android 10 will roll out to a large number of Samsung phones shortly, but the big question is which Samsung devices will miss out.

According to a Samsung listing most current models will get the new operating system however several models including some that are still on sale will miss out.

See list below:

An official Samsung list reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will miss out on the latest Android 10 operating system update, along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. ChannelNews understands from carriers that thousands of these devices are still in use in Australia as one user said, “nothing is broken with the device”.

Samsung has not explained why these major S-series and Note flagships won’t be included however do suspect it’s because of memory issues.

For those who have purchased a new Samsung device during the past 24 months most of the Korean carriers’ latest phones do look set to receive the update, including many mid-range and budget devices along with the new Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10. See the image below for the full list, as sourced by Android Pure:

Those who do update to Android 10 there is a lot of upgrades with the most highly anticipated is probably Dark Mode, which will introduce a black-and-grey theme across the interface that’s a lot friendlier on your eyes than the default stark white light.

Full gesture navigation will also be included in the new software, replacing the halfway house between buttons and gestures that came with Android 9. The handiest new feature for students will be focus mode, which lets you choose a list of apps you want to silence for a select period of time.