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Which Audio Industry Executive Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Wearing his bright yellow and blue bananas in pyjama’s shirt, Melbourne based audio and custom install executive Paul Clarke, who just had to get a plug in for his current employer Cogworks when he appeared as a contestant on the Nine Network show Millionaire Hotseat.

Clarke the General Manager of Cogworks who are currently looking to take on new audio brands, appear to get on well with Host Eddie McGuire when he spilled out how he used the old bananas in a shopping trolly trick, to send a message to females looking for a partner or date, which in the case of Clarke appears to have worked.

Recorded back in October 2020 the Clarke appearance went to air last night with Clarke answering two questions right but passing on what the minimum age for a ball boy at is the Australian Tennis Open.

Clarke is a former Pioneer, Audio Active and Interdyn executive.

See Clarke’s appearance on Millionaire Hotseat here.


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