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Aussie Marketers Upset By Apple’s Anti-Tracking Move Against Facebook

While most Australians will be overjoyed to learn that Apple’s new security features aim to stop Facebook from collecting personal details from unknowing users, Australian digital marketers have warned such a move will disrupt the local advertising industry, making it far more expensive for small businesses to get the word out.

Apple’s upgrade to iOS 14.5 will see users have to opt in to such data mining and automatic tracking. This will make targeted advertising far less effective, a move that Facebook have threatened to counter with legal action.

Digital marketing Localsearch has told The Australian that this is an attack on small and medium businesses.

“The latest iOS update is another whack for small and medium-sized businesses running their own Facebook ads, Adam Boote, Localsearch director of digital and growth, told The Australian.

“It essentially means Facebook can’t get access to certain user data until the user approves for them to do so, which impacts targeting, and ultimately could drive lower returns on social advertising investment.

“Facebook is a business that needs money flowing in to keep operating. And the advertisers are those who allow the Facebook app to remain free for the general public to share thoughts, photos, and connect with family and friends.”

Of course, a business such as Localsearch has a vested interest in things staying the same.

“If businesses start to see fewer results at an increased cost from their Facebook ads, they’re either going to turn to professional agencies for help or stop using the platform entirely – and the less people who use the ad platform for advertising, the less revenue that will go to Facebook.

“As a result, the price of advertising on social is going to increase for small businesses, or we could see a day where we, as consumers, need to pay for certain features on Facebook.”

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