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What Next For Klipsch OZ, Onkyo?

What is the future for Onkyo? Speculation mounting that Klipsch could bring the brand to Australia as part of their new subsidiary operation but to do that they need supply of the troubled Japanese Companies products.

For several years Sydney based Ambertech has been the distributor of the Japanese audio brand despite this the distributor has been unable to get stock and according to sources has not forecast any Onkyo sales for 2021.

In Japan and the USA, the Klipsch Group is distributing Onkyo products including receivers primarily to Costco stores this is despite the Japanese brand facing the possibility of being placed into liquidation due to a lack of liquidity.

One option is for the Klipsch Group to fund the manufacturing of Onkyo products or take over the business altogether however sources have told ChannelNews that this is “highly unlikely”.

Currently Klipsch Group Australia Pty Ltd is a delisted Company on the Australian Companies and Securities register. Initially registered in 2008 the business was due to renew their registration on 6/11 2019 but failed to renew the business name.

Last week we revealed that the US audio Company had given their Melbourne based distributor Qualifi 90 days’ notice of termination, but the big question is why after Qualifi grew the business to over $11M primarily via Harvey Norman.

Currently the Company is having supply problems especially with the delivery of 5.1 channel systems, we have also been told that JB Hi Fi is not interested in the Klipsch or another Klipsch brand Jamo.

Instead JB Hi Fi is looking to grow sales of the Polk brand from Sound United in direct competition with Klipsch products.

Questions are also being raised about the close relationship of former Qualifi national sales manager Peter Shanoon.

Peter Shannon left former Sales Director Klipsch

Previously employed by Harvey Norman Shanoon is seen as being “Obsessed” with Harvey Norman a relationship that has been noticed by other retailers.

Last week the Sydney based Shanoon, admitted to ChannelNews that despite being employed by Qualifi he had communicated information to the US Company because he was not happy with the management of Qualifi.

At one stage and while employed by Qualifi Shanoon met with the directors of another distribution Company where he claimed he could deliver the Sound United brands Marantz and Denon if they employed him.

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