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WFH Survey: 70% Of Corporate Employees Have Bought Tech Since COVID

A new global research report ‘Technology and the Evolving World of Work’ by Lenovo found that seven-in-ten of employees surveyed globally had purchased new technology to navigate working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, nearly 40% said they had to partially or fully fund their own tech upgrades, and as much as 80% said they felt more reliant on their work PC.

Additionally, 79% felt they have had to be their own IT person while working from home, and a majority believed employers should invest more in tech training.

In terms of how people are finding remote work, nearly two-thirds of respondents said that they feel more productive working from home.

However, many reported more literal aches and pains from working from home: 71% complained of new or worsening physical conditions, such as headaches, back and neck pains, or difficulty sleeping.

“Having a proper WFH setup is important to minimising discomfort, including proper furniture and a larger-sized external monitor that can ergonomically adjust to natural eye-level,” Lenovo stated.

Other top work-from-home challenges included reduced personal connections with coworkers, an inability to separate work and home, and feeling distracted.

“This data gave us valuable insights on the complex relationship employees have with technology as work and personal are becoming more intertwined with the increase in working from home,” said Dilip Bhatia, Vice President of Global User and Customer Experience at Lenovo.

“Respondents globally feel more reliant on their work tech training. We’re using these takeaways to improve the development of our smart technology and better empower remote workers of tomorrow.”

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