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Facebook Takes on YouTube With Licensed Music Deal

Facebook has further thrown down the gauntlet against YouTube, by inking a deal to introduce officially licensed music videos on its platform in August in the US.

Reported by TechCrunch, Facebook emailed artist Page owners to advise how music videos can automatically link to their Page via the ‘video’ tab.

Artists will reportedly be able to edit or remove videos from their page, alternatively giving Facebook permission to automatically add artist’s music videos when featured within them.

Tech commentators assert the deal will see Facebook become more of a significant challenge to Google-owned YouTube.

In 2019, YouTube reportedly paid over US$3 billion to the music industry, with recent company blog posts asserting over a billion individuals visit its platform to stream music.

Facebook has continued to signal video as a focus for the social media giant, following licensing deals to allow users to embed music into person Facebook and Instagram ads.

Artists will reportedly have until August 1 to make changes in their settings, before a new section for music videos will be etched on their Page.

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