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Wesfarmers Partners With Amazon For OneDigital Expansion

Wesfarmers has signed a five-year deal with Amazon to expand its OneDigital operations.

Under the partnership, Amazon Web Services will be the company’s cloud provider, and help Wesfarmers set up an AWS Skills Guild for every division within its company, which will train technical and business teams.

OneDigital has over 1.5 million digital transactions and over 210 million website hits per month. Wesfarmers plans to add Officeworks to the offering later this year, joining products from Kmart, Target, and Bunnings.

“We realised that we needed to be where our customers were and where our customers were  increasingly shopping with us online and in-store. We really needed to build out our ecosystem,” OneDigital managing director Nicole Sheffield said at yesterday’s AWS Sydney Summit.

AWS will help OneDigital “understand our customers and build better solutions and products” and allow its OnePass offering to “continually add features and pivot all the time to drive value to our subscribers.

“To do that we really needed a cloud partner, which is where AWS came in.”

She said building OnePass on AWS “allows us to collate and integrate all of those critical data sources” to better serve its customers.

“We’re able to gather these customer insights quickly using triggers to respond to our customers, enabling us to really accelerate our production.”



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