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Wesfarmers Launches OnePass Across Kmart, Target, Catch

Wesfarmers has launched its members program OnePass, which brings Kmart, Target and digital store Catch under one broader subscription service, with more partner stores to follow.

The program offers free delivery across the three stores for $4 per month, or $40 a year.

The Perth conglomerate rebranded its similar Club Catch digital offers program OnePass in February, and launched its new data and digital division, Wesfarmers OneDigital.

Catch will move from falling about the Kmart Group to OneDigital from July, bringing together the Group’s pure digital businesses.

“We see Catch as an exciting business with potential for growth, and continue to invest in developing the marketplace platform and fulfilment capabilities, and transition the proposition from a deals-based to broad-based and scalable marketplace,” said Wesfarmers head of digital Nicole Sheffield.

“Together in OneDigital, these businesses support the growth and performance of our retail divisions while also providing new growth opportunities for the group.”

Despite these comments, it’s hard not to read this consolidation as a phasing out of the Catch brand.

When digital stores were thriving in the last half of 2021, Catch’s revenue dropped 4.3 per cent.

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