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Apple CEO Tim Cook has forecast a bumper 2020, with sales of AirPods, Apple Watches and streaming services on the rise. Oh, one thing he didn’t mention: plans to release three 5G iPhone models next year.

The Nikkei reports Apple is mobilising suppliers to produce its first-ever 5G iPhones, powered by Qualcomm’s most advanced 5G modem chip, known as the X55.

The downside to the X55 is that the chip, which enables much faster downloads, faces such an increase in demand that there could be supply constraints.

The iPhones will also feature Apple’s latest-generation processor, known as A14, which will use the world’s most advanced five-nanometre chip technology, as made by TSMC. Currently, only Apple and Huawei have plans to use this technology next year.

Releasing its Q4 results, Apple said its services and accessories segments generated US$12.51 billion and $6.5 billion respectively in revenue. It has 450 million subscribers on Apple devices, and sales of wearables were up 54%.

While IPhone sales in Q4 only generated $33.36 billion, the company is aiming to reverse the slump with its 5G offerings. Apple plans to ship at least 80 million of the new 5G phones in 2020.

It hopes they will grab around 18% of the market and vault the company over Huawei’s current position as No. 1 smartphone maker.

Despite the earlier than expected 5G devices, Cook has said he wants to wean Apple off iPhone sales and focus more on generating income from services and wearables.

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