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NBN Co has launched a new business unit dedicated to customers in regional and remote areas and combining all components of its fixed wireless and satellite operations in those areas. The unit is headed by Gavin Williams, formerly executive GM for products and chief development officer, regional and remote.

It will include an expanded capability to engage with communities and other stakeholders, to “ensure that customer expectations are understood, including across different community segments and business sectors”.

NBN Co claims the move addresses a key recommendation in the report, titled 2018 Regional Telecommunications Review: Getting It Right Out There, to assign responsibility for improving NBN’s regional and remote assets to an experienced member of the company’s senior executive management team.

The company has also launched a business-grade wholesale satellite service, designed for medium or large businesses, enterprise and government users in regional and remote areas, and any business with employees in hard-to-reach areas.

Its service will include a Virtual ISP (VISP), allowing for high-data consumption, and an IoT system to connect devices such as water pumps and sensors in remote locations.

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