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Watch Out, Sound United’s John Martin Has A New Job

John Martin the former Director of Sales at Sound United has a new job.

John Martin Sales Director Masimo Consumer

According to his LinkedIn profile, Martin is the new Director of Sales for Masimo Consumer ,which is a division of Masimo that is currently rolling out the Masimo health monitoring watch that is retailing in the USA for US$499 or A$733.

ChannelNews understands that the market for the Masimo watch in Australia is split between health care and consumers looking to track their health. It could also have wide appeal to professional sports clubs who need to track the vitals of their sports stars.

The first of its kind, the Masimo W1 smart watch offers accurate, continuous health data and actionable health insights.

Developed by Masimo, who acquired Sound United last year and is seen as a leader in hospital pulse oximetry, which is technology Apple was caught out stealing from Masimo (See separate story here) last year.

Masimo executives recently told ChannelNews they believe there is a market in Australia for the new watch, which is being used by hospitals and doctors in the US to measure patient vitals, a move that could save Australian hospitals tens of thousands of dollars a week.

The US health care Company is well known for creating revolutionary noninvasive blood parameter monitoring solutions. The Masimo W1 provides a variety of physiological data – including for the first time Hydration Index (Hi) alongside oxygen level (SpO2),* pulse rate, pulse rate variability, heart rate, respiration rate, pleth variability index, and perfusion index – for consumers wanting to make better informed health and lifestyle decisions, improve their fitness, or track their health data on their own or with friends and family the Company claims.

Recently, the Masimo Corporation achieved a major victory in its continuing conflict with Apple.

This came when the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) dismissed Apple’s challenges to two Masimo patents on proprietary technology to test blood oxygenation levels.

As a result, Apple is facing new claims after Masimo accused the Apple Watch maker of infringing on its patents to add a health-related feature to their Apple Watch products, with no compensation or licensing arrangement with Masimo.

The intellectual property dispute could also lead to an import ban on an Apple Watch model that has been found to violate a patent belonging to Masimo.

In January, an administrative judge of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) issued an initial ruling in favor of Masimo that found the Apple Watch Series 6 infringed twice on one of Masimo’s five patents for using light sensors to gauge blood oxygen levels in the watch’s pulse oximeter. The judge found no violations regarding Masimo’s claims that four of its other patents were infringed.

The case now goes before the full commission, which has the power to enforce an import ban on products that violate intellectual property rights.

A decision by the full ITC on the dispute between Apple and Masimo is tipped by April 2023.

A former employee Marcelo Lamego was accused of stealing patent information and selling it to Apple, a move that could see Apple CEO Tim Cook having to explain his relationship with the former Masimo R&D executive.

When ChannelNews wrote the original story that was based on the court case, a Tatiana Lamego, in an email to ChannelNews, wrote, “Marcelo Lamego did not steal anything, not even trade secrets. They were unwillingly misappropriated.”

This is the same Tatiana Lamego that has filed for patents to protect several patents that are similar to Masimo patents.

This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As for the new watch, it is capable of tracking the following.

  • Oxygen level (SpO2)*
  • Oxygen levels in your blood can change with heart and lung function, activity, and altitude
  • Hydration Index (Hi)
  • An index calculated to reflect your relative level of hydration; studies have shown that optimal hydration can improve sleep quality, cognition, mood, and more
  • Pulse rate (PR)
  • How often the heart pushes blood through your body, which can change with general health, physical activity, and with your mental or emotional state (e.g., stress, anxiety)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • The number of times the heart beats in a minute, based on electrical signals
  • Pulse Rate Variability (PRV)
  • The changes in your pulse rate that can show how consistently your blood is being pushed through your body, even with exercise or under stress.
  • Pleth Variability Index (PVi®)
  • A calculation based on the changes in your perfusion index, which may be affected by your fluid volume during your respiration cycle and can increase with lower fluid levels
  • Breaths per minute (RRp®†)
  • The number of breaths you take in a minute, based on the pleth; respiration rate can change with your general health condition, physical activity, or mental or emotional state.
  • Perfusion Index (Pi)
  • A calculation of the relative strength of your pulse, which changes based on your circulation.


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