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WannaCry Red Light Alarm Grows: Cops Cancel 590 Fines

Victoria Police have got more serious about last week’s fears – discounted in some quarters – that 55 speed and red-light cameras had been infected with the WannaCry virus. Late last week the story was that there had been no deliberate infection by the WannaCry scamsters, just that an employee servicing the cameras had used a USB gadget that might have carried the virus.

The coppers claimed everything had been put to rights and no public members had been seriously affected.

But over the weekend, Vic Police was taking a more serious line. It cancelled about 590 fines stemming from the supposedly infected 55 speed and red-light cameras.

Acting deputy commissioner Ross Guenther called a media conference at which he said the assistant commissioner of road and policing, the sheriff and the traffic camera commissioner would commence an inquiry into the issues.

“It might well be that a number of protocols in place were breached and the USB that may have been used [also] breached protocols,” commissioner John Voyage said.

He said the virus had tried to connect to the Internet to encrypt the system – but the cameras are not linked to the Web.

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