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ASUS PR Goes Pear Shaped Again

ASUS PR Goes Pear Shaped Again

During the past 3 years ASUS, who have been described as a “nightmare of a Company” to manage PR services for, has dumped four PR Companies including Dash PR, who after being dumped by ASUS Marketing Manager Carmen Li, the wife of ASUS Australia, Managing Director Ted Chen was praised by technology journalists for the work they had done on the account.

A senior executive of one PR Company who worked for ASUS said “Everything in ASUS is done according to the gospel of Carmen but unfortunately both she and ASUS have not got a clue about PR. All they want is free exposure and if there is any criticism of ASUS the PR Company is blamed. They are a nightmare of a Company to work for”

At the recent CES even in Las Vegas ASUS held a media conference that turned into a shambles. Run by internal ASUS PR executives the room was too small with hundreds of journalists turned away, demonstrations of the new Windows 7 “touch” screen technology running on ASUS notebooks failed and then to top it off they discovered that they had no press releases for the journalists who actually managed to get a seat.