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Sharp’s $21K TV Is The Largest LCD In Australia


Sharp’s new 90inch television is a large brute

The latest supersized screen to grace Sharp’s range is the 90 inch LC-90LE740X. Sharp boast it is the “largest LCD TV in the Australian Market!,” for now at least. They’ve coined it ‘viewmongous’ and cite a swarm of picture enhancing features.

These include Sharp’s X-Gen Panel, which uses UV2A technology for more efficient backlighting; Sharp’s AquoMotion 200 to handle rapid motion and Yamaha technology for “Hi-quality 3D”.

It can connect to the Internet by way of a Wireless LAN adaptor and its ‘USB Time Shift Plus’ function allows users to simply pause and return to digital broadcasts.

But at $20,999, it’s significantly more expensive than LG’s 84 inch UHD television ($17,999). The LG TV might be shorter on inches, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in smarts.

LG’s 84LM9600 has gesture and voice recognition, in addition to in built Wifi, a grand app store, content portfolio and Ultra High Definition technologies