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TV Market Gets Tough For Pioneer

TV Market Gets Tough For Pioneer

The electronics company, which over the past couple of years used the free service as a selling and differentiation tool, at the same time also managed to raise the ire of both retailers and AV installers alike, when it claimed one reason behind this free service was because installers and retailers were incorrectly installing and setting up its large screen TV’s, has now promptly axed this value-added service.

According to a press release from Pioneer, the company claimed that due to “…a very competitive flat panel market…the company has made a decision to cease the current market offer of free installation and delivery with every Pioneer plasma TV, effective September 1st 2008.

Furthermore, the company says that its “…offer of free installation and delivery was launched into the market five years ago with great success”.

In its press statement, Pioneer also seems to infer that due to the economy and new technology, getting the installation right is no longer such an issue for TV buyers.

“Under current market conditions, ‘future-readiness’ of the product, energy efficiency and product reliability have substituted both installation and delivery as primary purchase concerns of today’s consumer”, the company says.