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Its Here: Google Music Plays In OZ

Its Here: Google Music Plays In OZ
 	 Its Here: Google Music Plays In OZ
“From today, all Australians can now listen to their favourite artists and download the latest music from Google Play” the search giant announced today on its blog.

If you’re an owner of a Samsung, HTC or Sony phone and like buying tracks you can buy them directly from Google Play store.

New albums tiitles start at around $12.99 and is broken out into genres and handy categories – new music, gretest hits, Aussie music and and there also recommendations based on previous music searches on the web. 

It has everything from Overgrown by James Blake to Ministry of Sound Anthems 90’s and Comedown Machine By The Strokes.

Theres als a bundle of Australian artists such as Delta Goodrem, Havana Brown and Lisa Mitchell.

Google Music  free music locker also means that you can add up to 20,000 songs from your current music library to Google Play and listen to them from any PC or Android phone or tablet, on or offline.

There also an area for unsigned Aussie artists on Google Play artist hub – a platform for independent artists to sell their music directly to fans, said Sami Valkonen, Head of International Music Partnerships, Google Play

In the artist hub, artists can create a profile, upload their music files, suggest a retail price, and sell their music online.