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Vodafone Ramps Up Competition With New Money-Back Network Guarantee

Vodafone is ramping up competition in the mobile sector, introducing a new money-back network guarantee.

Having first introduced a network guarantee in 2012, Vodafone’s revised guarantee now comes with a money-back offer.

Vodafone is taking up the competition to rival telcos such as Telstra, with Telstra this year having suffered a series of network issues.

With the offer being launched today, Vodafone chief marketing officer Loo Fun Chee noted OpenSignal’s recent State of Mobile Networks: Australia (June 2016) report found that “Vodafone now ties with Australia’s largest telco in 4G network availability”.

Under its new 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee, Vodafone states that “if a new postpaid customer is not satisfied with Vodafone’s network within the first 30 days, they can cancel their contract, no questions asked”.

“Vodafone will also refund any monthly access fees and monthly handset instalments paid by the customer as long as the equipment and device are returned to a Vodafone store within 10 days of making the claim,” Vodafone states.

Vodafone is also offering new customers signing up to selected 12 or 24-month phone plans one month of unlimited data to use within Australia.

“As smartphones have become an essential tool in our everyday lives, we believe consumers deserve assurance that they’ll have a great network experience where they live, work and play,” Vodafone chief marketing officer Loo Fun Chee commented.

“And if they don’t, they should be able to walk away no questions asked. We know this is a pain point for consumers and businesses, and one we are committed to addressing.”

Chee stated that Vodafone is so confident in its network, that it guarantees “customers satisfaction with its performance”.

“We want Australians to know they no longer have to settle for a network that doesn’t work for them,” Chee stated.

“Our new guarantee is an invitation for Australians who may be feeling unsatisfied with their current provider to experience everything Vodafone has to offer.”

The 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee is also available for business customers with up to nine connections.

“Some of our competitors have offered network guarantees before, but Vodafone is the only carrier to continue to offer this type of guarantee today,” Vodafone executive general manager of enterprise Stuart Kelly commented.

“No longer does your business need to settle for a telco that may not meet your requirements and leaves you dissatisfied. We invite you to try the Vodafone network today.”

Further information can be found here.

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