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Vodafone Customers Tipped To Switch Broadband Connection

With Vodafone set to launch NBN services next year Roy Morgan Research has revealed that as many as 550000 of the telco’s mobile customers may already be looking to switch.

Vodafone last week revealed its intention to enter the fixed-line broadband market.

Roy Morgan states that 3.5 million Australiansed 14-plus have a mobile phone with Vodafone nearly 2.5 million of whom also have fixed-line broadband at home and almost one in 10 is already on the NBN.

Customers with Vodafone mobile “are – almost by definition – less keen than average on Telstra” Morgan says.

“Vodafone has a massive potential market at the ready: 550000 of their mobile customers are already intending to switch fixed broadband providers in the next 12 months” Roy Morgan states.

“Among the nearly 2.5 million Vodafone mobile users with fixed broadband 22 per cent are very or fairly likely to switch.”

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