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Voda, Optus Delighted As Telstra Turns Back On New Huawei Models

Leading Chinese mobile phonemaker Huawei has launched very classy new P10 and P10+ models onto the Australian market – but its move to secure a larger share of the Australian market could suffer after Telstra decided against marketing the new models.

This leaves Optus and Vodafone as the only Australian carriers at this stage, both undoubtedly delighted at Telstra’s decision. The Big T’s move came as a surprise, as it had appeared to be going great guns with the swish Huawei Mate 9 released earlier this year.

Reasons for Telstra’s decision are unknown. A Huawei executive told media at a briefing late last week, with a smile and a shrug: “They just decided they wouldn’t be ranging the new model.”

Telstra may yet regret that decision. The P10 Plus in particular is a very classy model with exceptional dual cameras by Leica – the best in the business, many photography professionals believe – and, while cheaper, it’s not going to sweep Samsung or Apple top models off the decks just yet, but it may very well make a major impact among the lower ranking brands.

One blessing: both Huawei models are claimed to get a full one-day charge in just 30 minutes. The casings are gorgeously thin, and encased in the best Gorilla Glass; there’s fingerprint ID, via a button sensibly located on the front panel, which also serves for navigating screens and apps – good thinking, we reckon.

The 5.1-inch P10 sells in Australia for a recommended $899; the 5.5-inch P10+ for $1099. And for the colour-conscious, Optus has an exclusive model with “Dazzling Blue” back panel; Vodafone has a similar deal on one in “Prestige Gold”.

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