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Victoria’s Stage 4 Causes Payroll Jobs Drop

Payroll jobs have fallen by almost three per cent in Victoria, and one per cent nationally, over the month to August 8 according to new ABS data.

National payroll jobs were about 4.9 per cent lower than when Australia’s 100th COVID-19 case was reported in mid-March.

“Over the month to 8 August, payroll jobs fell by 2.8 per cent in Victoria. Some of the initial impacts from the Stage 4 restrictions, are shown in the latest weekly data as they came into effect,” said Bjorn Jarvis, head of Labour Statistics at the ABS. “Around 39 per cent of jobs lost in Victoria by mid-April had been regained by 27 June, but by early August this had reduced to 12 per cent.”

Women have benefited most from job recoveries, with 52 per cent of lost jobs by females regained, compared to 19 per cent for males; in total, around 43 per cent of payroll jobs lost by mid-April had been recovered as at August 8.

“Female jobs recovery was greatest for those aged under 20, who also experienced the largest fall in jobs through to mid-April,” said Jarvis.

Payroll jobs worked by females by age group, indexed to the week ending 14 March 2020 (ABS)

While young people have seen an uptick, with payroll jobs worked by people under 20 increasing by 1.5 per cent on a national level across the month to August 8, Victoria saw a 5.6 per cent decrease over the same period.

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