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Value TV Market Booming, 4K UHD TVs Deliver Profits

The Australian TV market is growing, with both at the top end with new Ultra high definition TV’s, and in the value market, with mass retailers such as Aldi and Big W selling tens of thousands of full HD TVs from brands such as Polaroid and Akai.

A great many of these value TVs on not being tracked by GFK claim distributors.

Currently both Samsung and LG are witnessing increased sales domestically while being down globally, however the overall global TV market has been soft with several categories witnessing decline.

According to one major TV supplier consumers in Australia are buying up budget full HD TVs from mass retailers to the extent that some distributors are struggling to keep up supply of 32, 42 and 50 inch TVs.

A spokesperson at one I am distributor said “We are currently shipping container loads of TVs and what consumers are doing is buying up smart TV dongles to connect to these TVs so that they can get streaming from the likes of Netflix, Stan, and Presto. Others are buying small boxes such as the Fetch TV Mini, others are connecting products such as the Telstra TV Roku box to their value TV”.

According to market research company WitzView, 96.78 million TVs were shipped in the last half which was a 3.7% decline on the same period in the prior year.

during the first half of last year 100.45 million TVs were shipped.

“Sporting events such as Olympic and Euro 2016 did not have much impact on TV markets.” said WitzView.

Shipments of Samsung TVs in first half of 2016, was 21.10 million units, this was slightly up when compared with the first half of 2015 when 20.99 million TVs were shipped.

Shipments of LG TVs in the first half of 2016, was 13.60 million units, this was a decrease of 7% from shipments in first half of 2015 when the Korean company shipped 14.60 million TVs.

A big plus for LG is the uplift in sales of OLED TVs, the company claims that they are significantly higher than last year.

Analysts claim that both Samsung and LG Electronics maintained their shipments while the same time increasing their profitability from TV operations.

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