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$50K Runco Projector Delivers Hollywood At Home

$50K Runco Projector Delivers Hollywood At Home

Home entertainment Company Runco has introduced one the industry’s first home theater displays to feature a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The new CineWall CW-95HD elininates the black bars often seen at the top and bottom of many CinemaScope feature films encoded onto DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

The screen dimensions which are often used by Hollywood directors are wider and narrower than conventional 16:9 HDTVs and at more than $50, 000 the Runco offering is among the most expensive projectors on the market today. 

According to TWICE Magazine the package is said to be easy to install and integrate, requiring less than 33 inches of depth behind the screen. Key features include 1,920 by 817p native HD resolution, Runco’s SuperOnyx DMD chipset with ConstantContrast frame-by-frame contrast correction, a CinOptx lens system with O-Path; Vivix II internal processing and CineWide technology.

Runco’s CineWall in-wall projection system is said to reduce ambient light glare by 20 times with a contrast ratio that is 300 percent greater than standard flat panels. A passive cooling system allows for quiet operation. The unit is said to require 20 percent of the power of similarly sized flat panels.

The CW-95HD system features an InstallerDependent design with an ISFccc calibration controls suite and HDMI w/HDCP, DVI w/HDCP, Component (RCA), HD-15 (PC), S-Video, Composite and RS-232 connectivity.