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Look, No Glasses: Toshiba Unveil 55″ Naked 3D TV With iPhone Controls

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The 55 inch ZL2, first revealed at CES in January, offering glasses free 3D TV experience  – is becoming a reality and to be released later this year, Toshiba announced today. 

The groundbreaking set is the world’s first large-screen glasses-free consumer 3D TV and will be debuted to Europeans at IFA Berlin, kicking off later today. 
Toshiba’s brainchild also features a Quad Full HD screen for displaying 2D/3D content and uses an array of lenticular lenses which delivers multiple views – a core ingredient for 3D technology – and a first for a large screen TV, say its makers. 
Its ‘Integral Imaging technology’  uses nine different views to create multiple wide-angle viewing zones. 
This allows several viewers to enjoy the 3D viewing at once and eliminates issues such as glare and shadows which has plagued 3D technology in the past. 

The 55ZL2 features a ‘face tracking’ application, which detects the viewers’ position and sets up the complete viewing experience.
The no glasses 3D TV also comes with an ‘Auto Calibration’ feature to achieve studio level picture quality and now the means Japanese maker has pipped Korean Smart TV rivals like LG and Samsung to the ‘glasses free 3D TV’ post. 
This Smart TV is powered by the high-performance multi-processor Cevo engine, allows for TV applications like USB recording, access to Toshiba Places streaming service and personalised TV and channel settings.
Also iPhone owners can control their 55 incher using the smartphone, thanks to Toshiba Apps Connect. 
According to Engagdet, citing a German website, this baby will set you back a rumoured 8,000 euros or over AU$10K (but the Toshiba 55ZL2 is replacing a 4,000 euro model, so could be just half that) when it is released first in Germany this December, meaning it will be at least early 2012 before it hits here.

Fingers crossed it does.