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Netregistry Acquires Hack Attack Company

Net Registry said that they will be assisting with resources and solutions to all Distribute.IT customers in distress following the recent hacking attack.

Larry Bloch, CEO of the Netregistry Group said: “We all have a great deal of sympathy and concern for the consequences to Distribute.IT staff, management and customers of this unfortunate incident. It is important to us that all Distribute.IT customers know the extent of effort to which Distribute IT have gone to rectify the damage. Distribute.IT had a very solid reputation – that comes from doing a good job for a long time. Without that, I’ve no doubt that this situation would be a lot worse. I want to remind customers of that excellence and ask for their patience and support as we work through the requirements to return services to all customers as rapidly as possible.”

This arrangement is supported by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the .au manager, which has been working closely with Distribute IT management and Netregistry to ensure a satisfactory outcome for affected customers.

According to Block the attack on Distribute. IT was either a competitor, former employee or a disgruntled customer who had inside knowledge of the Company.

Block said that the hackers were able to destroy the Companies customer data as well as the backup data by following a connection to the back up servers.

At the time of the attack directors for Distribute.IT said “Our greatest fears have been confirmed that not only was the production data erased during the attack, but also key backups, snapshots and other information that would allow us to reconstruct these servers from the remaining data.”

The company advised customers that it no longer had sufficient resources within its web hosting platform to transfer the affected domain names and accounts that were using the shared servers.
“This leaves us little choice but to assist you in any way possible to transfer your hosting and email needs to other hosting providers,” it said.