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Users Move To Dump Microsoft Skype

Consumers are switching to Google’s Hangout and the likes of Viber and WhatsApp’s following the redesign of Microsoft Skype.

Ever since Microsoft redesigned the Skype app in early June, the ratings have been plummeting.

The ratings of the Skype app on the Apple App Store in the US dropped to 1.5 stars from 3.5 stars. And the Skype app on the Apple App Store in the UK dropped to 1 star.

The consensus is that the new Skype app looks too much like Snapchat, which is not the experience that its user base wants.

Some of the new Skype features include the ability to use emoji during video calls and there is a Highlight option that is just like the Snapchat feature. These pop up even when one is trying to have a “serious” conversation with a client.

Microsoft acknowledged that it is aware of the negative feedback from the new design.

As a result, some of the old features are being brought back such as status display for your contacts on the home screen and native sharing capabilities on Android and iOS.

“We want you to know we’ve been listening, updating, and responding to your feedback. We’re committed to providing you with an amazing experience we know only this newest generation of Skype can deliver,” said Skype in a blog post.

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