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US PC Sales Soar 73 Percent

US PC sales were up 73 percent in Q1, compared to the same period last year, according to technology research outfit Canalys, due mainly to the pandemic.

Around 34 million units were sold in the US, with HP leading the pack, selling 11 million units in total and annual growth up 122.6 percent.

Samsung also reported a good quarter, with a 116 percent growth boost, Lenovo was up 92.8 percent, Apple sales an estimated 36 percent and Dell up 29.2 percent.

Canalys Research analyst Brian Lynch said the PC sales bonanza can be attributed to the increased demand from 2020 as people moved to work and school from home and needed new computers.

Low-cost Chromebooks were the most popular items with sales shooting up 548 percent, and Samsung leading that growth with a 1,963 percent growth rate.

Asus, HP and Lenovo all reported Chromebook sales rates up more than 900 percent.

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