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US Drone Sales Double In 2016

While drone companies like GoPro have had a uneven holiday season, a new report from NPD says that dollar-for-dollar drone sales have actually doubled in 2016.

While the data only specifically applies to the US market, it shows a 117% year-on-year increase in revenue for the category.

Within that, drones with a price tag over $300 accounted for 84% of dollar sales and nearly 40% of unit sales. NPD say the demand for premium features is helping them become the fastest selling price tier within the category.

Drones with auto pilot capabilities sold nearly five times more quickly than drones without, while drones that feature follow mode functionality, which programs the drone to follow the user, sold 19 times more quickly than drones without the feature.

“Having a wide selection of brands and products, especially at opening price points helped satisfy drone gift demand” noted Ben Arnold, executive director, industry analyst for The NPD Group.

According to him “2017 will see mid-tier and entry level drones (priced under $300) continue to drive unit demand, new  form factors and innovations in sensing and imaging technology will help meet the needs of premium drone buyers.”


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