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Microsoft To Take On Google Chrome With New Cloud Based Windows 10

Just as Google is increasing its share of the Australian education market with their Chrome offering, Microsoft who has been losing share has moved to share up their position with a new version of Windows 10 set to be launched next month.

The move comes as companies such as Acer report record sales of Chromebooks into schools. A the same time the popularity of Google Chrome hardware has seen sales increase across the board.

ChannelNews understands that Microsoft will host a media event on May 2 where it plans to make hardware and software announcements with a big emphasis on the education market.

The event will take place in New York City at 9:30am local time and, judging by the #MicrosoftEDU hashtag, will be education based.

The project set to be announced is internally codenamed ‘Bespin’ the Star Wars planet that hosts Cloud City, it appears to be the perfect time to introduce Windows 10 Cloud to go right up against Google Chrome.

The lightweight operating system is a perfect fit for the Australian education market. It will also advantage the education theme down to the ground.

Google Chromebooks are extremely popular in schools due to their affordability and this event could see Microsoft introduce some like-minded notebooks running on Windows 10 Cloud.

Microsoft already has the infrastructure to do it with the Office Online platform, while Office 365 Education is completely free for teachers and students.

Microsoft will be hosting a live stream of the event, but we’ll be bringing you all the newsworthy announcements from what’s shaping up to be an intriguing address.

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