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Unions Slam Telstra Job Cuts


As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, The Communication Workers Union national president Shane Murphy has slammed Telstra over the slashing of over 1400 jobs announced earlier this week.

Describing the announcement of the job cuts as an ambush, Murphy says “Workers were caught by surprise turning up to work thinking it will be business and usual and then finding out hours later a number of their colleagues will not have employment over the next few weeks.”

“It has been poorly planned, poorly handled and we believe the CEO has a lot to answer for,” he said.


The CWU says it will plans to meet with Telstra and make an appeal to reverse the number of jobs set to be shed.

Should they fail 90% of the cuts will come from the company’s NSW and Victoria divisions.

In its half year financial results announced in February, Telstra reported a 14.4% drop in profit to $1.79 billion and a 6.4% drop in revenue to $12.8 billion.

The company also noted “restructuring costs in FY17 of $300m to $500m” in the results, covering its financial year ending June 30.

Earlier this week, Telstra CEO Andy Penn said Telstra could succeed but “cannot afford to operate as we have always done”.

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